Battle Screen Saver

Battle Screen Saver 1.6

Battle Screen Saver will bring fighting spaceships to your desktop (See all)

Are you a space movie fan?
Do you like to go to the movies and watch those epic battles among different spaceships?
Battle Screen Saver will bring fighting spaceships to your desktop.

This unique screen saver will allow you to remember all those old movies you used to watch several years ago.
Do you remember the excitement of a space battle?
Many different kinds of spaceship coming from everywhere, shooting colorful laser rays against each other.
And when a ship finally got hit, a huge explosion of many colors flooded the screen.

Now you have the opportunity to remember those good old days from the comfort of your favorite couch at home or at your office.
Whenever your computer goes idle, lots of different spaceships will start appearing on your screen flying in every direction.
They will change colors when they are ready to attack, firing a continuous stream of bullets or laser rays.
Every time a spaceship gets hit it will explode, leaving the mark of the explosion on your screen.

Battle Screen Saver will start working over whatever you are displaying on your screen.
It can be only your desktop wallpaper, or any application that you have open at the moment.

You will surely enjoy this screensaver. You will spend some time watching those spaceships creating chaos right on your screen.

Fernando Soni
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